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Social & Environmental Responsibility
We at Love at First Sit recognize and encourage the importance of being socially and environmentally responsible citizens.

We practice this in our own company by recycling and using recycled products, minimizing our use of packaging, through low water and energy consumption, and through purchasing carbon offsets (visit: when traveling, among other things.

The Love at First Sit product contains a minimal amount of material to create a maximum amount of result. And with its durability ensures a minimal amount of energy use in manufacturing. It is also now available in organic cotton and hemp.

In our labor practices we take the unusual but responsible view of treating labor not as a commodity but as free human endeavor and compensate our employees based on their needs as human beings rather than on bottom line considerations.

As the whole of society helps create the success of any company, we take the view that a portion of our profits rightly deserves to be channeled back towards the general culture and society. Consequently, over the years, we at Love at First Sit have contributed at least 10-15% of our profits to social, cultural, environmental, and humanitarian causes. We wish to encourage social and environmental responsibility in our company and along the whole supply chain. We have, therefore, instituted a Code of Conduct (click here to see it).