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The LumbarJack is the most versatile of all our backsling products designed to provide dynamic support and comfort for the low back. Starting with an industrial quality lumbar support belt, our patented LumbarJack Lifting Belt offers connectivity for both Driving Straps and Sitting Strap accessories described below. The Combo Pack ($99) includes the Lifting Belt and Driving Straps. The Sitting Straps can be purchased optionally.

Those who have an automatic transmission might be better served by the BackRx engaged over only the left knee. For those whose working hours are spent behind the wheel, however, the LumbarJack makes the most sense. .

Lifting Belt
What makes the LumbarJack Lifting Belt unique is a set of quick-release receptacles attached to the ends of the elastic waist tensioners. These provide for easy attachment and release of accessory straps for driving and sitting.
Lifting Belt Put On
Lifting Belt Adjust
Driving Straps
Use reverse pressure from the knees and feet to support the back. Elastic bands, detouring over the knee, free the legs for a full range of uninhibited motion - perfect for truck drivers and commuters.
(Included with LumbarJack Combo Pack)
Driving Strap 1
Driving Strap 2
Driving Strap 3
Sitting Straps ($25)
Convert the Lifting Belt into a comfortable chair that you wear. Now you are able to sit comfortably anywhere, in any position - even on the ground. (Optional accessory not included with Combo Pack)
At the computer
Knees up