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While the Nada-chair provides the most effective back support while sitting, we recognize that total back care requires proper exercise, nutrition, postural habits, and emotional health. It is with this in mind that we provide this link to our recommended sources for back health.

Recommended source materials:
Book: BREATHWORKS FOR YOUR BACK by Nancy Swayzee (This is an excellent, easy to follow book of exercises to help you build your own internal corset and strengthen your back from the inside out.) Available from

Books: by Eric Franklin - PELVIC POWER (mind/body exercises for strength, flexibility, posture, and balance), RELAX YOUR NECK AND LIBERATE YOUR SHOULDERS (a mind/body exercise program for tension release), and DYNAMIC ALIGNMENT THROUGH IMAGERY (a charming and humorous synthesis of the science of Ideokinesis, which is the use of imagery to improve alignment and movement)

Books: EXERCISE OR DIET and DYNAMIC HEALTH by Dr. M. Ted Morter, Jr (these and other books by Dr Morter present deep insights into the general principles of health including diet, exercise, and the use of the mind for maximum overall wellbeing). Available from

Links to recommended exercise programs and movement modalities: